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The automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace, this is because technology’s role in your potential buyer’s decision-making process is becoming increasingly important. Potential buyers no longer visit multiple car dealerships in order to find the right vehicle. 6/10 potential buyers are undecided when they begin doing their research. By the time they walk into your dealership, your potential buyer often already knows which car brand and model they want to purchase. This is why digital marketing plays such a crucial role in the potential success of your car dealership.

Digital marketing content acts as a source of information for 95% of potential car buyers. 65% of potential car buyers take a mere three weeks from the beginning to the end of the decision-making process –from doing their online research to making their final decision.

Understanding that your competitors have the same advantage as you should allow you to think of ways to utilize digital marketing to connect with your customers truly. There’s a difference between serving ads on social platforms, posting content that requires engagement, and connecting with car buyers. Putting together an automotive digital marketing strategy is important if you hope to succeed with today’s ever-changing consumers.

At LearnMaxPro, we have experts from digital marketing and automotive industry hailing globally with the mixed experience of various customized training programs as our aim is to uplift the organizations through its various workshops and training sessions. Join our Live Workshop to improve your footfall and increase your lead conversions.




  • Digital Marketing expert with well-versed Knowledge of automotive Industry.
  • Certification: Certificate of completion, which is shareable.
  • Delivery Method: Facilitator led in-person Hybrid training Workshop.
  • Duration: 2-4 hours delivery session.
  • Fee: NO training cost (T&C applied).
  • Location: Spaze IT Park 1132 Tower: B3 Gurugram
  • Customization Level: Tailor-made for all levels of management.
  • Practical Exercises: Role-playing with instant feedback, online simulation, and wide-screen videotaping feedback for conference room virtual events.


  • Digital Marketing Tools.
  • Challenges faced by Automotive dealerships.
  • Roles and Scenarios.
  • Handling Customer Expectations Virtually.
  • Virtual Business Growth.


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  • Start Time
    May 4 @ 3:30 PM
  • End Time
    May 4 @ 5:30 PM