When I request CEO/MD for a meeting time to share new idea/proposal, they are too busy to spare time & I wonder why they are over busy when many people working for them.

While CEOs/MDs should be spending more time thinking about new ideas/ solutions but, unfortunately, they are over occupied to run day to day issues as employees/teams are not fully aligned, engaged or equipped.

Clearly, a gap which I found that companies spend million/billions of dollars to develop new product & marketing programs but hardly they spend time & money on their own people to make it a success on the ground. Most of the failure or underachievement happen due to this gap while competitiveness of the products & pricing also plays a crucial role in the overall success.

Is this difficult to connect, engage & train employees in this digital age?

Thanks to growing smart phone & Social media users across globe. People spending time on smartphone more than any other stuff. Conventional training & communication methods undergoing massive changes& smart E-learning will become a norm when people can access information & courses on the go via smart phones. It’s not just about standard E-Learning solution via desktops but smarter solutions via smart phones.

This is not about just sharing business information/documents or few courses with your employees on a periodic basis, but effectively delivering your massage across employees & keep on reinforcing the same to engage & train them fully.


You can expect all the benefits such as higher manpower satisfaction, trained %, retention, sales, customer satisfaction, profitability & compliance with higher engagement & continuous training via smart e-learning tools such as Learnmaxpro.