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LearnMaxPro is a video and practice based learning app for classes upto 8th , providing education across various countries like IndiaMalaysiaIndonesiaVietnam, Thailand, etc with more than 10000+ subscriptions and active users. LearnMaxPro education system  covers the subjects like Maths, Science, English grammar at INR 299  per month. Video based topics with quiz and practice tests along with worksheets designed by our experienced teachers and supported with online tuition. Syllabus is suitable for all type of curriculum. LearnMaxPro has been running this education system for the past 2 years. However,  in view of unprecedented times resulting in nationwide shutdown of schools, LearnMaxPro education system has also been part with some schools to enhance the education delivery system  of schools so that there is uninterrupted learning experience for our students.
Students of ClassVideos AvailableSubjectsPRICE
Junior School (3rd to 5th Class)80+ animated videos & tests/assignments for practiceEnglish, Maths & Science₹ 299/- (₹ 1,500/-) 80% off
High School (6th to 8th Class)80+ animated videos & tests/assignments for practiceEnglish, Maths & Science ₹ 299/- (₹ 1,500/-) 80% off
Anyone can apply80+ animated videos & tests/assignments for practicePersonality development, Foreign Language certification,Basic Coding/Computer learning,
Mind & Intelligence training classes
 ₹ 299/- (₹ 1,500/-) 80% off
*We offer SPECIAL NEGOTIABLE offers for SCHOOLS & INSTITUTIONS contacting us!!

What is LearnMaxPro: The only classes your child needs after school


Learn Interactively

Animated and Quality Video Contents, 100+ videos available for each class. These videos are designed and curated by highly qualified teachers keeping in mind the CBSE and other leading curriculums.

Learn from Home

Attend live classes with the convenience and safety of your home. Be more productive with saved travel time.

100+ Quizzes & Practice Tests

100+ Quizzes & Practice Test Series will continuously assess the child’s strength & weak areas to enhance focus on specific subjects.

Free E-Books

We provide a lot of free e-books along with the subscription of the LearnMaxPro portal. These books cover the subject/topic at more length to develop deeper learning for the child.

Doubt Clarification

Raise your doubts with monthly/weekly Doubt clearance session in LIVE mode and get response from our qualified doubt clearance faculty. You can also ask questions via email and get immediate answer from the teachers.

Course Certification

Awards & Rewards form the most important pillar of any education system. LearnMaxPro cover that i.e the system issues COURSE CERTIFICATION for motivation of child to achieve more!

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